The Breakfast Margarita

On nearly every charter I have ever been a part of there is a chance for the crew, the experience really, to transcend from a great trip to a legendary vacation.  As crewmembers on these charters we are constantly presented with opportunities to ‘wow’ our guests and help them create the memories, the stories, the moments that these trips are all about. Guests come on board our very expensive, very well maintained yachts for the best food, drinks, comfortable beds, and incredible views in the world.  Enter the “Breakfast Margarita”. What better way to elevate a vacation from good to great than offering your guests a perfectly acceptable excuse to drink tequila before noon, than to offer them a breakfast margarita?!? Nothing starts off your vay cay mornings like an adult beverage with Patron in it…

The inspiration for this delicious libation comes from my friend Revel, also a yachtie, who introduced me to the magic that is the breakfast margarita.  There was an amazing group of us that all landed in Laudy during what I consider one of my best runs in the town last October during the boat show (Never fear Dan, Maxi, Sean, and Aaron: Nothing will ever vanquish the Boat Show debacle of 07’).  During that legendary couple of weeks last year the margaritas along with amazing breakfast tacos were our stabilizer at breakfast, to level ourselves out from the night before and assisted in preparing us for the fun activities of the day (I apologize now to any of the amazing morning shift women at Lester’s Diner who may have had the misfortune of waiting on us during this time).  
Since that awesome adventure the legend of the breakfast margarita has grown to a level near infamy.  I have since done trips for late night party goers who request iced down breakfast margaritas bedside for turn downs (instead of bottles of water) the night before going out so that they may begin the process of stabilizing before their eyes even open in the afternoon. I have also, partly as a result of my Revel encouraged extravaganza, started to put the margaritas in sippy cups for the guests so they can’t knock them over and spill them on “accident”. It still surprises me how some of the most seemingly uptight guests I have had on board will actually jump on the breakfast margarita train. Part of the secret is that it has pretty much twice the tequila of a normal margarita, but you can’t taste it!
The breakfast margaritas have now made their way on to various drink menus across the country, had their own showcase booth at Burning Man (a hippy party in the desert of Nevada) this year, made it’s way to work meetings early in the morning, and made for some pretty interesting aft deck breakfast scenes (Thank you again to the guests who after a pitcher of breakfast margaritas thought that mashed blueberry scones would make a fantastic decoration for the beautiful new teak decks. My first mate LOVED that!) The B. M. s can also be blamed for guests jumping into marina waters before noon in Miami Beach Marina. Anyone who has ever been there knows you NEVER swim in that water. It has been blamed for guests stumbling in grand fashion up and down the docks ranting at other boaters. This may have been one of my favourite episodes when one of my guests on a charter on an 85’ decided to commandeer a 110’ and claim it as her own telling the crew to get her Schnoodle on board because they were heading back to Columbia sans her husband!
For me the Breakfast Margarita has been a gift. Not only has it given me the ability to level out after a great night out, it has also provided me with an amazing icebreaker for charters, an endless source of entertainment with guests and crew alike, and it’s a great topic for conversation with bartenders (Trick: ask said bartender if they know how to make a breakfast margarita. When they say “no” tell them you would be happy to help them “test” them until they “get it right”)…
Quick form
Breakfast Margaritas (serves 4)
(4) pint glasses (or whatever you want to use ie: sippy cups)
(1) bottle of pre made margarita mix w/ tequila in it (Jose Quervo)*see note
(1) bottle of Patron Silver (put in the freezer the night before)
(1) half gallon of fresh squeezed orange juice
ice straws
Lime wedges Procedure: Fill glasses with ice. Pour pre made margarita mix over ice till glass is 2/3 full. Pour 1 oz of frozen Patron over ice. Pour the orange juice to fill the glass.Mix with a straw and garnish with a lime wedge. Use leftovers for crew breakfast margaritas on your next day off. *You can make margarita mix from scratch but I find this much easier especially when you are making mass quantities.
Nacho Bizness Breakfast Taco (serves 4, two tacos per person)
(8) 6 inch flour soft taco shells
(8) eggs scrambled
(2) cups cooked ground chorizo
(2) cups salsa (tomatoes, lime juice, salt, pepper, chopped cilantro)
(1) bottle of thai sweet chilli sauce 
(1) Bag of Mexican Cheese
Procedure: Warm taco shells. Divide egg and chorizo among taco shells. Top with a spoon full of fresh made salsa. Add a squirt of thai sweet chilli sauce. Garnish with a sprinkle of Mexican cheese.
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