Ridding the world of GHB perpetrators

First,  a huge thank you to all of the friends, fans, and media for supporting me on this journey as we try our best to eliminate the threat of GHB victim abuse and other related incidents.  Our mission is to bring awareness to the problem and provide information for the first line of defense.  GHB related violence, attacks, and incidents are on the rise and often there is no way to go after the sick individuals who perpetrate these events.  What we can do is create an awareness and have steps in place to be the starting point of the preventative measures we need to wipe this out.

To hear my story listen here 970WFLA Podcast

Watch my interview with Dr. Jonathan from Chicago as we discuss My GHB experience and Below Deck

I’m grateful that the least  awful thing that could have happened is that I was arrested. As many people have pointed out,  I could have died from the high dosage or been assaulted and left in a ditch. I was extremely  lucky to have ended up in the hands of authorities instead of on a slab in a morgue.

The scariest part is that even with all of my traveling  the last place I thought something like this would happen is so close to home,  where I’m supposed to feel safe.  Just goes to show that you can’t let your guard down ever…

I have been working hand in hand with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, several local Tampa news affiliates, and other organizations like USF to do our part to get the message out!

Please feel free to reach out to the crisis center or 211 if you have experienced any trauma related incidents or refer your friends here if they need help. Check out the Crisis Center website for all of the amazing services they offer.

Through my research I have discovered DrinkSafeTech.com sells coasters, among other things one can use to test a drink if you believe you have been dosed. I now carry these in my purse as my front line of defense.  I feel like any parent of any child anywhere would want these in their kids hands.  I only wish I had known…

My hope is to bring light to an issue that effects so many  from different backgrounds as we help put an end to the shaming and guilt that become a part of a victim’s after an incident. Together we can prevent these types of attacks from happening to others.



2 thoughts on “Ridding the world of GHB perpetrators

  1. I have to say after watching about two episodes of the show I got hooked I enjoyed watching all the cast members, but like in any reality shows we all have our favorites Adrienne being one of them. So I hope you have a long running successful show good luck.

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