Green Juice

#AdrienneGang #GreenJuiceBattling the Green Juice

So as all of us are now aware on Episode 2 of Below Deck there was a serious, albeit comical, veggie debacle. To clarify, I received a separate preference sheet from each of the six guests. For anyone unfamiliar with what preference sheets are they are basically a list of demands that each guest fills out. It is impossible to know exactly what the guests will actually want when they are on board, but we use the #AdrienneGang #greenJuice BelowDeck information we have to prepare the best we can. That being said, the green juice was one item of hundreds and we had no way to anticipate what a green monster it would become.

I have worked on the health food side of cooking since he beginning of my career, so juicing is very familiar to me. The key is practice and efficiency. Juicing can be a time consuming process if you aren’t properly prepared.

Prep time 10 minutes makes 6 cups

2 cucumbers (peeled)#AdrienneGang #GreenJuice #BelowDeck
1 bag of spinach (rinsed)
1/2 pineapple rough edges cut off
3 kiwis (halved)
1 pear (quartered, stem removed, seeds cut out)
2 green apples (quartered, stem removed, seeds cut out)
1 bunch celery (root end cut off)
1/2 a lime
(Optional) 1 small piece of ginger for some kick

Juice. Stir. Ice. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Green Juice

    1. Hi Adrienne, I’m just curious, when’s ur birthday? Cause ur organized and make lists like me… Although most of my friends are like Sam & Kat. Opposites attract, we’ll kinda. Lol

  1. Adrienne: You certainly got into a jam there when the guests all jumped in wanting the green juice. Hardly something you could have prepared for when it was only on one guest’s preference sheet. Been there…And I felt for you. My experience working with charter guests is that the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. That was a great example of a very typical problem yacht crew face.

    I once had a charter guest put Special K cereal on a preference sheet. I purchased enough for the 20-day trip. Of course, I had no way of knowing that this guest didn’t just eat it for breakfast. No, this woman wanted 2-3 bowls of Special K at breakfast, usually 1-2 in the afternoon, and practically an entire BOX at 3AM when they came back to the boat drunk. By Day 13, we were running so low that we had to have Special K shipped overnight from Antibes. (Note: we were in a remote part of Croatia, where Special K wasn’t exactly easy to come by.)

    As I know you know, the big rule is to get the mission accomplished, but never let them see you sweat. And by you running ashore to buy up all the green produce you could find, you exhibited the kind of problem-solving skills needed by megayacht crew. (And if you did sweat, it was that island humidity.) 😉

    My favorite captain of all time was none for repeating, almost daily: “There are no problems; only solutions.” You had the sense of urgency and went right into action to “get shit done.”

    Nice job.


  2. Hi Adrienne. Pass this tip along to Ben if a juicing issue ever comes up again. If you take all of the ingredients and put them in a powerful blender, (i.e. Vita Mix), you can make a green juice drink much more economically, as you don’t waste so much of the fruit and vegetables like you do with juicing .It only takes a fraction of the amount of ingredients blended, as opposed to the amount necessary to juice. It is also much healthier, as you don’t waste so much of the fruit and vegetables that contains much of the nutrients. Just don’t pulverize the apple seeds, as they contain small amounts of cyanide. Love the show!

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