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Many thanks!

 This was and still is an amazing adventure that would not have been possible with out the creativity and devotion of Rebecca Taylor Henning, Bravo, the entire crew and production crew that came together to make Rebecca’s dream about showing the world the amazing life and career that is yachting.

To Rebecca: Thank you for your persistence, your vigor, and your patience. Without your dream and attention we never would have made it to the finish line. I couldn’t be happier to call you my friend and sister in battle. I will never forget what you have made happen here. If anyone, my dear, YOU GET SH*T DONE”! Congratulations and I hope we did you proud!

To the incredible people at Bravo: Thank you for giving us as a cast and a production team the ability to see this vision through and giving it the best possible chance at success. I am so excited to call myself a member of your family. Special thanks to Ryan McCormick for all of your advise and help along the way.

To my fellow crew members without which this show would not have been such an awesome journey: thank you for being a part of an incredible experience and for teaching me about myself, my career, and a lot about leadership. It wasn’t always an easy road, but we all came out of this (I hope) with an awesome story to tell our children someday.

To all of the people in the yachting industry: Thank you for at least giving this show a chance. We all know what an incredible opportunity yachting provides for the ones willing to take the jump and it is my hope that this show will be a positive catalyst to promote great and amazing change for the good of everyone. Some of this show will no doubt serve as a good industry wide lesson for “what not to do”, but even that presents us with great learning tools. Thanks to all of the companies and organizations that have had overwhelming support from the beginning and to those who are now beginning to see how we can all benefit from this amazing opportunity to move yachting back to the place where we belong.

To the fans: I am astounded by the outpouring of excitement and support #BelowDeck has received. You are the ones who will carry all of our hard work forward and revel in the guilty pleasure that our chosen career path is. I am so happy for you escape with us and to embrace us as a crew along with our individual flaws (because we all know without them there would be no excitement). Thank you for trusting Bravo again for creating programming worth the very valuable free time you do have. I am excited to bring you on this crazy trip with us! Enjoy!

Last but not least, to my family and friends:
I cannot thank you all enough for your support and love in this process. You all make me the person I am today and I am so lucky for that.

Mom, Dad, and my grandparents: thank you for giving me a reason to be proud of who I am and where I come from. I am blessed.

To the amazing team at StardustBlue Media: Thank you for teaching me Chinese. I love you for it!

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